Thursday, March 17, 2016

More extra-early gardening

It's really hard to stay inside when this abnormal warmth continues outside.

And while you're outside, it's really hard not to get busy.

Thing is, you can get into trouble if you go around thinking that it's Spring.  Oh sure, the ground (which NEVER froze this past winter) is loose and friable and begging to be planted.  But wait.

Nighttime temps in the 20s are coming.  More rain (this time cold rain) is coming.  Snow flurries in the future.

Nope.  Not spring.  But....

You can always always find something to clean up.  I trimmed back the big Montauk daisy in the arbor bed, cut back the H.F.Young clematis and all the dead New England aster plants (lots of new growth at soil level).  I loaded up the hatchback and took it all over to the yardwaste depot - on opening day no less!  Talk about hitting the ground running this year.

Then I did take advantage of that lovely loose soil, chilly or not.  I dug up the Meyer lilac in the swing bed and planted it in the arbor bed.  I dug up the rooted Montauk daisy cutting from the overwinter bed and planted it in the Sargeant crabapple bed.  Finally, I dug up all the Palace Purple heuchera and the lace-cap hydrangea in the swing bed.  I centered the hydrangea where the heucheras were, then used the heucheras to make a nice border between the hydrangea and the rubber paver path.  

There.  I'm really ahead of the game right now so I'll have no qualms keeping inside during the cool/cold/ weather coming.  

And talk about coming!  More like charging!  Yesterday the wind was 20s w/gusts 35 mph.  Today the wind is nearer to 40 mph and almost steady at that rate!  One gust actually blew open the plastic taped over one of the leaky front bay windows.  Wow!

Hope things are a little calmer where you are.  


Hey. I've put up several updates on the sidebar pages (household adventures; garden projects; flowers; and plant propagation).  Lots of action going on there. Check 'em out.


  1. We're getting those crazy winds as well. My old windows are rattling in their frames and the plastic covering them looks like a pregnant woman in her 8th month!
    I had an 'inside" day today --can't stand that crazy wind combined with temps in the 30's (oops--I'm a liar--it's FORTY out!). But wow-after having a couple days out working at cleanup, I have the itch now.
    Don't overdo. But if you do, take lots of pics. If I can't be out, I can at least live through others-haha.

    1. It's was 29F yesterday a.m. Today 27F. Yep, glad I got as much done as I did. And I'm glad that WIND has died down a bit. Yesterday it blew off the other window's plastic. Yikes! Another mild bout starting Tuesday. I think I may have to get out the mower. The grass never went dormant this winter. *sigh*

  2. Just a quick drop by. This weather is very iffy. You are smart not to be lulled by the temporary warm days.

    I have three teen-age boys as company all week so will be back to read in depth after Friday!

    1. Oooooh. 3 teen boys. Wonderful if you can get some help while they are there. Must be Spring break. See you when they're gone.


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