Saturday, April 9, 2016


Alberta sent us a little present last night.  The clipper is still dropping snow and temps.  Bitter winds. Might get to single digits tonight.

Spring in Ohio.  Not for wimps.


  1. Welcome to my world.
    It's getting harder and harder to face.
    The sun is actually shining today, which helps. But snow---GO AWAY!
    (Can you tell I'm at the END of my rope?)

    1. Just checked your upcoming weather week. Better lay in some more rope.

      I've lost my lust for gardening right now. Hot food, chips & DVDs are high on my weather week. *sigh* Hang in there.

    2. Chips and DVD's. Yea--that would work.
      I've gotta hang in there just 3 more days. Between the taxes, the truck repair, the stove repair, and -did I mention --THE TAXES, there isn't even a crumb leftover for an "over-nighter" somewhere even 5 degrees warmer.
      Chips and DVD's--yep, gonna try it.
      Have a great week---and don't eat TOO many chips. Makes it too hard to garden when ya gotta waddle out there.

    3. I just finished my & Mom's taxes. I HATE DOING TAXES! They make it sooooo harrrrrrd. IS there anywhere 5 degrees warmer? This north of the Mason Dixon? I doubt it. Hunker down, gal. And, *munch* pass me those chips.

  2. Poor you! We are very cool and way too windy to be outside, especially a wimpy gardener like me.

    Congrats on the taxes I just finished mine and got the check in the mail yesterday! What a load of relief. I kind of enjoy doing them....I cheat and use Quicken and Turbo Tax.

    1. I use Turbo tax also, it's just not as straightforward as I'd like and that's no cheat. They also let me do everything in FREE, then hit me with $59.99 to actually FILE.


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