Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring at last???

If the forecast is to be belived, we may have finally turned a corner weatherwise.

The past 2 weeks were hard on all the plants that had been lulled into "spring" by March's persistent above-average temps.  

This past couple days with icy snow and temps in the teens put the lid on any blooms on my redbud or bridal veil spirea.  Those buds are just mush (like the magnolia tree that was hit while in full bloom).  What a mess.

Anyhoo, with all this sunshine right now, I'm hoping for the best.

I crawled out onto the sunroom roof and removed the skylight covers.  I moved the geraniums and B&B salvia out into the sun after languishing in the sunroom for more than a week.  And though today's temps are still shy of 50 out there, the bright sunroom is now above 70 and feels great!

So thankful was I to say goodbye to that freezing stuff, I celebrated and roasted a turkey this morning.  

Nothing says thankful like turkey! Yum!

And with more outside days ahead, what's not to love about turkey salad, turkey sandwiches, and the ever popular turkey soup right at hand for lunches.  

Yep, things are looking up (especially the temps).  Woo and hoo! 

P.S. Tried something new when I cut up the turkey.  (CLICK HERE for the story.)


  1. I imagine your plants were quite happy to spend some time outside.
    Supposed to hit 58 here today. I think I'm going to be spending EVERY minute out there. Have a great day and enjoy that fine weather.

    1. I gave those babies some fish emultion tea and they are having a party out there. Fine weather for 5 days in a row? I'm having a party out there too!

  2. I keep have new pictures in your header!.

    The turkey looks good. I don't have turkey in the freezer but I do have some whole chickens. Need to roast one this weekend.

    Your weather is similar to our forecast. The sun is shining this morning but it is 40° and the grass is way too wet. Hopefully the sun will dry it by noon.

    1. The turkey turned out great. Froze the carcass for later broth. Enjoying sandwiches & salad now. I can't emphasize how much back to back sunny, calm days are doing for my state of mind these days. Hope you get out too.

  3. Hi Kris,
    Wondering if you saw my inquiry about using an image from your blog on signage for the Bee Lawn in our new demonstration Garden For Pollinators opening later this summer-? My email Thanks, Sandy Tanck, Manager of Interpretation, MN Landscape Arboretum


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