Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tardy post

I was going to put up an entry early last week, but on Monday night Mom called.  She was sick.  Tuesday to the doctor and found she had another (milder) case of bronchitis.  So this time we kinda knew what to do:  a nebulizer treatment at the doctor's office, steroid pills and inhaler for home (and by home I mean HERE at my house). Cough pills and lots of tissues. 

She's been here since Tuesday and we both seemed to turn a corner yesterday. The wheezing has stopped, she's sleeping very well and the cough is much diminished. I think she'll be ready to go home tomorrow.   

I'm sure I caught the virus from her, but I, too, suffered less than in January.  What really caught us off guard was the fatigue this time.  We did little, no energy.  Mom napped a lot then slept through the night, night after night.  I can't nap, but did sleep long at night too, far more than is usual for me.

Yesterday we started feeling more like ourselves.

During the week I did manage to sit on the mower and get the lawns cut, some forays out for groceries, mail, little things like that.  But little else besides preparing meals.

I'm so glad that I got so much done the week before: clean/seal the deck, bread baking, taxes done, etc.  It was a good week to be sick, if something like THAT would EVER be the case.

Anyway, I'm making up a ham & scalloped potato casserole so I can send leftovers home with Mom tomorrow.  We're both looking forward to getting back to normal, although we'll let Mom skip fitness center this coming week, let her rest up a little more before taxing her system.

Right now the sun is brilliant, the breeze almost nil, the hostas spearing up, shrubs leafing out, birds at the feeder and golfers all over the links.  

More soon.


  1. Good heavens--that is quite a spectacular view with things blooming like crazy. Wow.
    Glad you're feeling better. Your version of taking it "easy" is most people's full day---MOWING? ERRANDS? Dearie-you have no clue what taking it easy is.
    I'm the same way.
    So there!

    1. If I don't do them, they don't get done. But really, I didn't push myself. We needed food. The grass was deep and the days were nice. Not much different from sitting in the living room and sitting on the lawn mower. Ya just gotta steer.... ;-D

  2. Love that view. Would love to sit and relax in it.

    1. It IS nice, isn't it. Thanks for stopping by.


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