Monday, May 30, 2016

Too pooped to post

Sorry for the silence, but I've been too busy and too tired at the end of the day to even make a coherent sentence.

I'm beginning to forget all the things I've done lately.  Luckily, I take my trusty camera with me so I can remember why I'm so knackered these days.

More posts to come -- when we get a rainy day.  (Who knows how long that will be.)

Hang in there.  I'm sure you're all to busy to read anyway... ;-D


  1. Good to see you haven't killed yourself with work.....yet.
    I , unfortunately, NEVER take my camera with me and much is lost in the whirlwind we refer to as spring!
    Take care of yourself. No use overdoing it if you don't live to see the results!
    Have a terrific week

    1. Sooooo tired. Even had to blow off last week's fitness sessions. I'll do a catchup post when I get my breath back Have a good week...hey, did you NOT get that last frost this year? Hope all the baby plants are good.

  2. I do understand. Likewise here!

    1. Yeah, still running around pell-mell. *whew*


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