Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Still hanging in there...

Long time, no post.  I've been very busy between my garden, Mom's garden, Dr.'s appts, household repairs, etc.  I've done a lot - yet I have not been able to feel any sense of accomplishment.  Usually doing things gives me a boost, allowing me to do more.  Not this Spring.  I think my spring has sprung. 

And lately I've been dealing with some kind of 'spell' : dizziness, weakness, clumsy, easily angered, sometimes near tears.  Sometimes hard to catch a breath.  Sleeping doesn't seem to help. And what I have always called 'crying tired'. 

I'm feeling a little better today - some dizziness, but a little more 'in synch' with things, more adept.  You ever get spells when you are at all odds with the world?  You can't catch a break?  Can't focus and whatever you do at that time turns to crap?  I hate those spells.  And nothing seems to help except sit down, don't make any important decisions or take on anything new, and ride it out.

I hope the ride is coming to the end soon.  

To list my recent activity seems overwhelming right now, so I will post dribs and drabs as soon as I find motivation.  I don't feel depressed per se, but lethargic, unmotivated, uninterested.  I do what needs be done, but with no joy.  

I have an annual appt with my cardio next week.  If I'm not better, I'll mention this fatigue to him.

Meanwhile, I'm still here, still plugging away - in spite of the attitude.  Stay tuned for (hopefully more uplifting) future posts...

New blog header - that's a Great Blue Heron in the bottom center.  Saw it wandering around the back lawn yesterday.

Meanwhile - here's how the container veg garden (spaRRows) is coming along.


  1. Glad to see you're still up and gardening when you feel like it - don't overdo it!

    And considering all those symptoms, you might consider getting checked for MS! Brett went through a lot of that, plus skin/muscle tingling/fatigue, which is what got him diagnosed. But the clumsiness + emotions could be a sign!!

    Then again, I've also felt SOME of that this spring, along with the arthritis aches, and for me a lot of it comes with the barometric pressure changes we've had with all this roller coaster weather...

    Don't "maybe" mention it to your doctor - DEFINITELY get them to check you out! Please!

    1. Hello, Jeph. Thanks for stopping by. In 2013 when I was having those battery of neuro tests, they said they found no lesions or sign of MS. (In fact they said I was too 'old' to be getting it. ??) At that time I was reading about Brett and wondered if that was my problem back then. Nothing was ever determined what was happening to me those couple of years. I still get a foot or arm go numb (less and less), and have no parathesia except a couple fingers at night now and then. I exercise regularly, eat sensibly, taking no Rx, and except for the Hashimoto's Thyroidosis (which has a long list of symptoms), I'm pretty healthy, way healthier than back a couple of years ago. I did get worried when my right thumb quivered for a few weeks last month, but that's stopped. Since Hashi can occasionally present with panic attacks, depression, confusion, fatigue, stuff like that I just chalk it up those symptoms to this damn autoimmune disease. Actually, though tired today, I'm much better than the last 3-4 days. I'm grateful for your concern, and will keep your advice in mind. Hope your gardens are doing well and that Brett is faring such too. :-D

    2. I forgot you might've already been checked for MS...

      Yup, Brett's doing well with the MS. He still gets the occasional muscle fatigue, tingling, etc, but it's not bad, and since he switched treatment drugs he also feels a lot better without the side effects.

      The garden's doing well, although I was really behind on a lot of stuff this year. Stuff I would've started weeks ahead indoors just got direct seeded last weekend. Oh well - we won't starve. ;-)

      The garden is a dangerous place to step out into now anyhow. There's a bluejay nest with 5 babies (last I could tell) that hatched a week and a half ago I believe. The parents are getting more protective of the whole yard. I got bonked on the head as one crashed into me over the weekend! The dogs found one baby out of the nest the other day, so I put it back (knowing I was at risk of getting attacked), and hopefully it's still up there.

      There's also a bluebird nest with a few eggs, a robin's nest with one egg (I believe it's been abandoned), and I THINK a cardinal's nest... The birds have been way busier than I have.

    3. Hey Jeph, a friend just told me that I get migraines. She said check out SILENT MIGRAINES - and boy did my symptoms fit the description. Who knew you could have a regular 3-4 day migraine without pain but with all the other symptoms. *sheesh*

      Tons of birds here this year too. Robins usually make/abandon couple nests before 'getting down to business'. I've seen robins feeding chicks this week. I love those little guys. Y'know, it's not just us (you 'n' me) that are lethargic about gardening this season. I've read blogs from Caroline to the Ozarks where the gardeners just aren't 'feeling it' this year. What that all about? Anyway, if we can at least go through the motions, we'll have some good stuff when ripe comes. Bluebirds? None here. Careful out there. Wear a helmet. ;-D

  2. Your container garden area is very impressive. I have only a couple of things in pots that can be eaten. I have all my tomatoes outside the dog fence where the plants will get good sun. I can water them easily. I hope you can get to feeling better. Maybe it is time to watch everything growing for a while.

    1. Do you tie the toms to the fence? All my veg are in pots now due to the deer. Have to guard all the edibles now. Pots very convenient, dry footing, close to water. Funny, it's so hard to rest when something needs done. When done -- I can easily not move for hours, even days after that. I think I see light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Glad you seem to be getting an idea of what it is. Triggers for migraines?--I haven't had one now in 2 months--a personal best in the 31 years I have had them. I finally figured out what triggers---CHOCOLATE. Damn it. But I'm also liking not having the darn migraines-which would usually knock the hell out of me for 2-3 days.
    My deer FINALLY showed up. Bastards. I had ONE TINY AREA not fenced around the house and they found it. Hollyhocks, Dahlia, and Daisies missing . Sigh.
    Gonna be a LONG summer............................

    1. Deer not here yet, but soon. Sorry you lost some unprotected plants. Bastards! I curse with you. Yeah, stealth migraine (see hi-lighted link above). Deer, moles, rabbits, chipmunks, dying ash trees left and right, chainsaws daily, "spells" -- no wonder I just want to hole up in the house this year and lock the doors.

  4. Sorry you hear of your 'spells'. I was going to suggest fibromyalgia since I have almost the same symptoms with the addition of very poor sleeping. I don't have the emotional symptoms you describe but if I think about it, I could sit down and cry!

    I just keep on keeping on. Love the look of your fenced garden off the deck.

    1. The deer haven't made an appearance yet, but any day now. The fawns will be big enough to get around soon. What the fence doesn't keep out are rabbits which are everywhere this year. The pellet rifle is the only way to control them. Yeah, the spell was most likely a "silent migraine" (see highlighted link above) and am feeling much better now. It helps to know what's knocking you down. Sorry you are among several I know who are ready to cry right now. What is with us? Weather? Election? Economy? Zika virus? Other? Something's bothering a lot of us. I hope you get some sleep. Take care.


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