Friday, June 17, 2016

Yay Yay YAY!!

After weeks and weeks of promised rain, two storms FINALLY delivered yesterday.

Early in the day we got .25" - not much, but it was the first rain in 2 weeks.

Then, while out shopping with Mom, another larger storm hit and it had a bigger punch!

I now have 5 full barrels of rainwater.  Could've been 6 if I'd gotten home sooner.

But this morning, outside, overcast, warm and MOIST air.  What a breath breath of fresh!

Total - 1.7" for the day.  Yowzah!

Happy happy joy joy.  What a lift to the spirit.


  1. Ah, congrats on the rain.
    We were down in Dubuque and they got FIVE INCHES. And a whomping good storm, to boot.
    Came home to 1/2 inch in the gauge. Bah.
    Perhaps I might borrow a pinch??

    Oh, and the DEER busted through my blockade and slaughtered the phlox, hollyhocks, sunflowers and asters. I won't print the word I'm thinking on your lovely blog, but YOU know what I'm thinking...........

    1. Aw dammit! I am so sorry to learn this. :-( All the ash and pine trees around here are dying from disease, why the heck can't the f*cking (it's my blog, so I can say it) deer catch something!! I cry with you, honey. I cry.... *hugs*

  2. Great rain! glad you got it at last.


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