Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Holes in the sky

Previously this month 2 neighbors had to have dead/dying ash trees removed.

Yesterday was my and my next door neighbor's turn.

Her green ash was monster huge, larger even than the adjoining ancient oak.  But size and spendor succumbed to the *&#$@ emerald ash borer. 

It took a many men and very large machines to bring it down.

Then it was on to my 2 front green ash trees.

All trees involved where 80' or taller and their removal will have lasting repercussion on the surrounds.

I still have another ash to be removed later on - the lovely blue ash in the back of the house.  At that time it will be another day of chainsaws, skip loaders, shredders, and an overwhelming sense of anger (at the insects) and loss.

I'll post again soon.


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  2. Thanks, but no thanks. I do not enjoy being 'linked in'. Good luck.

  3. Kris, I got the same email this morning. I too will decline!

    Sad about the trees. Most of our have been brought down by storms. I see one of my Diana rose of sharon bushes is dead. I knew it was dying my late summer. Don't know the cause.

    Here some are plagued by Oak leaf mites. So far, not us. They bite the heck out of you when you are near. I haven't researched yet to see if they damage the trees.

    It seems to always be something fighting us; we just have to fight back. Will you replant trees? A small tree that so far seems impervious to anything here is the acer ginnala. I have one in my front shrub and tree border.

    1. I'm looking around for some Princeton Elms - they are not affected by Dutch Elm disease. They will take years to reach a good height with shade, but to not plant would be just a shame. We've been warned about oak mites too. I don't believe they do serious damage to the trees...

  4. I have 3 40 ft tall ashes that will probably come down next year, too... Sigh... :o( I'd love to meet you at the 2017 Capital Region Garden Bloggers Fling. I'm hosting!

    1. Hey lady, long time... Yeah, the ashes are coming down. Half a dozen already on the road, with 7 more in decline. I hate the sound of chain saws and shredders. Wishing you great luck with the Bloggers Fling!


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