Friday, October 14, 2016

Mid October! Really?

Well, this month is going by as fast as September did.  Crazy.

We've had mild (coolish side) days and some brisk nights dipping into the high 30s.  Last night it dipped a little lower:

There is also a very light frost.  Will be interesting how the annuals fared later in the day.

Mild days/nights in the next 4-5 day forecast so if anything got toasted, outside chores won't be all that uncomfortable.

Speaking of comfort, so many big-ticket expenses this year forced me to cancel another big ticket item.  Namely, the sagging front bay window.  This window was sagging when I bought the house in 2002 and the darn thing has always slipped to the bottom of the expense list every since.  

This year was the year!  I had the $$.  I had the motivation!  Then one thing after another was prioritized:  Our private road needed to be regraded/repaved. $$$ The R/O water system which had never recovered from the breakdown in 2015 needed to be replaced. $$ The car took another couple checks. $$ And now the dying/dead ash trees need to come down before they fall down. $$$

So the bay window and getting the driveway sealed -- off the list this year.  

Plastic over the window was not cutting it.  The leakage at the window is so much so that strong winds actually pop the plastic right off the tape.  This year - I went radical and totally foamed up the sashed into place.

I will still have to put plastic over the windows to prevent condensation since the glass itself is no longer insulated between.

One thing I noticed right off the bat yesterday - I'm getting a lot less outside noise.

Supposed to be a harsh winter this year.  Last nights earlier-than-traditional date freeze seems to indicate such.  Hope the foam helps.

Meanwhile, after over 3 weeks, I'm still recovering from the biop.  When I went back Monday, the surgeon said he's not seen these kind of problems that I'm having before.  What's he doing?  "We'll look at you again in 2 weeks."




  1. That foam should do the trick! I just used some repairing the bedroom ceiling where it has leaked and left a fist-sized hold when cleaned.

    You did a very neat job with it.

    We haven't had a killing frost......yet.

    1. Working with that foam is soooo messy. It's gets onto everything. The light frost/freeze yesterday didn't do any damage to the plants so I'll be able to enjoy the annuals for at least another week.

    2. I tried something new last year---it's a breeze to work with--it's a "moldable" caulk that can be removed at the end of the season. I got it through Amazon (where else!!) --it's called M-D Building Products 71548 Replaceable Cord Weatherstrip. It's pretty great stuff, not too expensive. A whole lot less messy than caulk.

    3. Sue, I've used that stuff. It's nice for small cracks. These windows have gaps and since the window sags, top and bottom don't close. I needed stuff that would seep inside and seal. Messy, but effective.

  2. I feel for ya with the window. I've got TWENTY of them that leak like a sieve. This is the LAST year I will have to plastic. I am replacing them next year come hell or high water. I'm sick to death of wrestling with tape and sheets of plastic.....though I admit to being entertained with how far out the plastic can stretch when a stiff breeze is blowing.................
    Still no frost up here. It's weird, I tell ya, but nice to still be plucking SunGolds and grapes.
    Have a good weekend

    1. Yeah, plastic is bad, but NO plastic is worse. Thank goodness only the one in the kitchen and the bay window needs them. I replaced all the windows within a couple of years of moving in. Still eating tomatoes? Wow.

  3. look! I'm here! And man do I feel your window...wait for it...pain. In the old farmhouse our bathroom window circa 1895 had enough drafts for the snow to actually drift on the sill. Not kidding. I calked and plasticated, caulked some more.Finally we had the money to replace it. I swear the house temp rose 10 degrees! YOUR caulk job looks excellent by the way.

    1. Well well well. Look at you leaving a comment! LOL Thanks for dropping by, Donna. Snow? Inside. Good grief. Yeah, windows. These windows have never closed because of the sagging bay and slant. I've even had to nail them together so they wouldn't open up more from wind/vibration. The canned expanding foam should get me through this winter. Fingers crossed.


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