Thursday, May 24, 2012

Frack you, Blogger

This morning I finished up my 300th post.  One that I'd been working on for 2 solid mornings.  It was filled with pics and links to updates on my other blogs.

It was delightful, chatty, and included some tricky image distribution.

Hours of work, tedious formatting.  Everything you'd want to publish in a 300th entry on the main blog.

Then I submitted it.  PUBLISH

And it all went away.
Though I'd saved it often, it doesn't even exist in DRAFT.  It's just freaking GONE!

I'm no longer chatty and cannot be described as delightful.

Here's a pic from the kitchen window this morning were I gazed out, furious, drinking coffee and trying to calm down.

Screw it, I thought.  I'll just go from 299 to 301.  No one will notice.  No one will even care.  It's not like the blog gets traffic anymore except for 3 steadfast readers (you know who you are and Bless You).  Maybe I'll just quit for the summer.  *sip*

Ah heck.

Here are links to this past weeks adventures.  Click them for the full stories.

More work staining the privacy fence.

Update on the flower beds.

Putting the new Snapper (Mulligan) through its paces.

Then there's the whole pickle problem.

I'm going to make another pot of coffee....  Happy 300th to me. Bah.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All decked out

I love sitting on the deck this time of year.  It's like lounging around in a nice nursery and knowing that it's mine - all mine.  LOL

Click on the deck pic to read the last entry this year on the the Propagation page.

In other news - the bench I told you about on the Garden Projects page found a home in the bee ring bed.  It's nice and shady over there in the morning and I enjoy looking at it from the deck while I sip my coffee.  (Sorry for the furry pic - I was shooting into the sun.)

Some day I may even go over and sit.  But for now, the birds and squirrels are sure getting use out of it.  Click the pic if you missed the story.


P.S. Hello again, Edinburgh.  Hope you'll leave a comment on a current post.  Be friendly.  Say "Hi".  :-D Enjoy

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Friday was glorious!  The sky was brilliant blue.  The grass was green and lush (and mowed).  The sun was warm.  The breeze was lovely.

I just couldn't wait to run outside and play!

While it was still too early to commit tender plants (veg & annuals) to garden beds, there must be SOMEthing I could get on with.

And get on with it I did.  Click the can for details.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good news ... Bad news ... and more Good news

Some good news.  The H.F.Young clematis I transplanted last March has not only taken, but taken off!  It took it all last year to reach the top of the trellis, but it made it up within weeks this year.  Now it's covered with buds and blooms and looks terrific against the backdrop of a pink rhody.

The weather continues nice so I'm always running out in the morning without much more than coffee.  My bad. Now  I make batches of my quickie breakfast wedges.  CLICK HERE to catch the recipe.

Speaking of food, I've just harvested another batch from the veg bed and updated the onion crop.  CLICK HERE for pics and info.

Okay, enough of all this GOOD news.  Let's get to the nitty gritty.  Things did not go well last week and I was so stressed out that it's taken a trunkload of shrub therapy to bring me back to some semblance of calm.  *whine*

<=== Click the pic for the BAD news.

And now -  for the final installment of the BAD news click ===> A HAPPY ENDING.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hoop hoop hooray

CLICK PIC for full story

Since Spring of 2009, I've made extensive use of my large driveway hoop house and the 2 table top hoopsters for protecting early plants and seedlings from inclement weather and too much sun.

But I found it cumbersome and, sometimes, downright restrictive, trying to keep everything within the frame, moving plants toward the center when they got too tall for the edges, reaching through a jungle to get to small plants in the back, etc. etc.

I've been using one of the tabletop hoopsters since March 11 when that ersatz 'summer' visited Ohio.  Since late April lots more basement plants have joined the fray.  May looks like summer again.  So I wanted to try something else.

Click the pic for the crazy solution.